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Unitemp Ltd. appreciates the time and opinion of its customers and created a direct telephone access, which anyone can use to call directly or leave a message with question, comment, suggest and get a competent answer back.

The most frequently asked questions along with our answers can be found here:

Question: Can I buy a lamb for Easter from you?
Answer: Yes. You can make an order one day in advance at phone +359 3101 3044 and get the meat from our company store "AMMI". You can visit our store and buy the lamb. We guarantee the freshness of the meat.

Question: Do you buy house animals for meat? What can I do if I want to sell you just one calf or one pig?
Answer: Yes. You can call at the following phone +359 3101 3044 to clarify the conditions for the purchase of animals for meat. You will receive information about the purchase price, transport schedule and method of payment. We guarantee to offer competitive purchase conditions.

Question: I am looking for a job as a worker in the plant for production and processing of meat. Do you have any vacancies?
Answer: Thank you for your trust.  Unitemp  Ltd. is a leader in its field and pays special attention to the selection of its staff. If you become part of our team, we will provide special training, qualifications and prequalification, opportunities for good salaries, excellent working conditions. Regarding vacancies you can receive information on the following phone +359 3101 3044

Question: How to know the good meat?
Answer: / Peter Karamitov - technologist on meat and meat products, production manager of Unitemp Ltd. /
1. Look good at the meat that has been offered to you. It should not have blood clots and bruises.
2. The meat colour should be from light pink to dark red depending upon the animal species. The meat should look juicy. Do not buy gray meat - this colour means that decomposition of the meat structure has been started. Do not buy meat that is dry.
3. The best fresh meat is good for consumption from three to five days after its production. Wepresentadocument for the production of the meat toeachtrader. Ask for it and decide whether to buy it.
4. It is dangerous to purchase,for example , liver, which appears to be wrinkled and gray.