The company’s store “AMMI” is located on the grounds of the most modern factory for production of fresh meat in the Balkans. The address is: 4135 village Voyvodinovo,25 Zapad Str. The store offers the best of Unitemp’s products. The product range includes various chilled and frozen cuts of pork and beef as well as a wide range of products of minced meat, which are always guaranteed to be fresh.

Some of the delicacies you can find here include horse meat, prepared using old recipes passed down through generations. Beside the existing products that our store “AMMI” offers to customers, our experienced staff is ready to fulfill any special orders within 24 hours. These can be anything from lambs to piglets, as well as other seasonal limited time offers such as turkeys.

The prices are beneficial for our clients because:
 - they do not include transport costs
 - they do not include distribution allowances
 - packaging costs are minimized

The store always has fresh meat and all products are at competitive prices. For more info on our promotions, discounts, profitable times for shopping, and any other queries you might have please feel free to check out our Facebook page! :-)

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