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Production and technology opportunities

At Unitemp we pride ourselves in having over 10 years of experience on the Bulgarian market as suppliers of meat for processing enterprises, but what do we owe our successes to? We have taken major leaps forward in order to satisfy the needs of this rapidly developing industry in Bulgaria. Until the end of 2006, Unitemp specialized in meat distribution while Bartlink International was the company that facilitated import. This codependence developed even further in January 2007 when Bulgaria entered the European Union. That was when we constructed the first factory capable of supporting large scale production with the intention of satisfying both needs of local and foreign customers. It is built on 10,000 m², and holds a Grade A energy efficiency certificate as well as conforms to the highest requirements for quality and ergonomics. Unitemp Meat Factory incorporates high technology and has the biggest industrial capacity for FRESH MEAT in Bulgaria. The equipping of the plant has been designed and developed by leading European companies from Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France as well as other suppliers and subcontractors. The production capacity of the plant is 60 MT per shift. In 2013 Unitemp opened its slaughterhouse as an additional unit to the cutting plant in Voyvodinovo, Plovdiv Region. The slaughterhouse is registered under No. BG1601018EO. Its construction is financed by the European program for rural development, measure 123, project "Meat production plant for red meat with capacity of 48 tons per day." The animals, slaughtered in the new plant are: - cattle and horses - small ruminants and pigs. The slaughterhouse under registration number BG 1601018 EО is certified to accept and process as well as freeze all types of by-products from within and outside the country. Its capacity is: - up to 100 cattle and horses per shift -up to 200 pigs and small ruminants per shift. The innovative approach allows for the simultaneous operation of two production lines (with different animal species) without having to cross production flows. The manufacturing process functions on different floors.

 Logistics, trade

Company Unitemp Ltd. has its own transport fleet, which includes specialized vehicles for transportation of live animals, fresh meat and deep frozen meat. Because of the experience we have and the good manufacturing practices, the major retail chains in Bulgaria are our partners. A significant part of Unitemp’s production is export. In the beginning of 2007, "Unitemp" received certified approval to operate on the territory of the Single European Market. Since 2009 we have an approval to work with the Russian Federation. We export to countries from the Middle East and the Far East, as we correspond to the specific requirements of these markets.

Quality standards

- Unitemp Ltd has sufficient experience, manufacturing capabilities, and skilled personnel to work according to its customers’ specifications.

- The implemented HACCP system which meets the European Union and global sanitary requirement norms, as well as our innovative technology used to enforce and facilitate this system, guarantee high quality production. Proof of that is our certificate ISO 22000:2005.


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- Meat factory Unitemp has a technique, technology and a HALAL certificate.

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  • Excellent knowledge of the European markets
    Good reputation across five continents for more than 15 years
  • Fresh meat production
  • Delivery of fresh and frozen meat at competitive prices
  • Production in large volumes
  • Meat production according to EU standards and export to third countries