Control from the farms to the customer

We at Unitemp guarantee the high quality of our products. We are motivated to answer and fulfill the requests and criteria of even more demanding clients. We work with the most modern equipment in the industry, and our staff is among the most qualified within the meat branch, competeing even with the best facilities in Europe.

Premium Quality

Quality Guarantee from
the farm to the customer.

Selected Farms

Direct communication with farms
that guarantee competitive prices.

Farm Fresh Meat

From minced meat to
ready to go products.

Large Production Capacity

Able to work with retailers,
distributors and restaurants.


Voyvodinovo village

UNITEMP shop – Voyvodinovo village, is located right in front of the factory in Voyvodinovo village.

The address is: Voyvodinovo village, 25 “Zapad” street /SEE THE MAP/
Tel.: +359885838773

The shop is replenished several times a day directly from the slaughterhouse.

Stara Zagora

UNITEMP shop – Stara Zagora, is located at the entrance to Zheleznik quarter.

The address is: Stara Zagora, 126 Bulgaria Blvd /SEE THE MAP/
Tel.: +359897053690

UNITEMP shops have their own parking lot for the convenience of their customers.

Our Partners

Industrial Clients

If you are an industrial customer, contact us at:

Tel.: + 359 3101 3042
+ 359 3101 3043
+ 359 3101 3044
Mobile: +359 888 211 671


If you are a hotelier, restaurateur or catering customer, contact us at:

Tel.: + 359 3101 3027
Mobile: +359 886 699 800

Meat Factory Unitemp

village of Voyvodinovo, Plovdiv Region

Tel.: + 359 3101 3010
Fax: + 359 3101 3033

For international clients

Tel.: + 359 32 26 10 00