About Us

Meat specialists

Unitemp Ltd. produces and delivers FARM FRESH MEAT with full control from the farm to the client. Our advantage is the full application of „under the same roof“ manufacturing model which includes slaughterhouse, cutting plant, cooling chambers, shock freezers, company butcher shop and own logistics for transporting meat and live animals directly from select Bulgarian farms. Unitemp guarantees high quality of production, as well as, consistency and strength in its relationships with partners in the farmer’s market, the meat production industry, the HORECA sector and the retail business.

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Premium Quality

Quality Guarantee from
the farm to the customer.

Selected Farms

Direct communication with farms
that guarantee competitive prices.

Farm Fresh Meat

From minced meat to
ready to go products.

Production Capacity

Able to work with retailers,
distributors and restaurants.

Our privileges

Quality Guarantee from the farm to the customer.

Full production integration enables us to deliver FRESH chilled and frozen meat to our customers on the second day after processing.

Direct communication with farms that guarantee competitive prices.

Large production capacity.

The combined knowledge and connections with international markets and European qualifications and standards that Unitemp posses allow for export to third countries.

Renown and reputation throughout the globe for over 2 decades.

Products innovation

At the beginning of 2021, UNITEMP expanded its production following the latest global trends in the food industry. Analyzing the striving of today’s customers for a healthier way of living, UNITEMP offers a series of culinary products in jasr, as well as an innovative line of meat snacks under the brand AMMI.

The products are 100% natural, high in protein and low in carbohydrates. They are produced from high-quality meat from selected animals raised in Bulgarian farms. They are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and substitutes.

The latest project of the holding, inspired by the latest trends for sustainable and ecological food production, is the creation of the brand VISION MEAT, offering a wide range of plant-based alternatives to meat and meat products.

Logistics and Trade

Unitemp’s headquarter is equiped with a parking lot adapted to using specialized vehicles for transporation of live animals, vehicles with cooling compartments for both frozen and chilled meats. The company also has smaller vehicles used for local commerce.

Our experience and constant goal of integrating the best production practices used on a global scale are a solid foundation and reason for why we are a reliant partner of the larger retail chains in Bulgaria, in the dynamic sector of hotel, restaurant and catering, as well as, in being a supplier of raw materials for meat production companies in Bulgaria.

A large segment of our production is intended for export in foreign countries. Beginning from 2007, Unitemp is approved for operation in the territory of the EU market, and beginning from 2009, Unitemp is certified for operation with the Russian Federation. Unitemp’s produce is regularly sold in countries within the EU and a variety of other countries within Middle and East Asia.