UNITEMP at MEATMANIA 2022 with a wide range of products for the end customer

At this year’s edition of MEATMANIA, which takes place every autumn in INTER EXPO CENTER – Sofia under the patronage of the Association of Meat Processors in Bulgaria, UNITEMP delighted visitors with a wide range of meat products and not only….

At this long-awaited event, for the first time we revealed to a wide audience our latest venture – alternative vegan products VISION MEAT. The products of the line are inspired by the consumer’s need for alternative ways of eating and balancing the daily diet with vegan products. Variations of vegan burgers, bites with the taste of chicken, fillet, vegan cheese and mayonnaise are just the beginning of the variety of products that the brand will offer on the market.

We are yet to reveal more about all the new products we have created. All of them mirror the latest innovations and technologies globally and aim to both meet consumer needs and set standards in emerging sectors.